Central systems (forced)

Central systems (forced)

As a leading factory in Israel, Nimrod offers its customers a large variety of water heating options and everything required depending on the design of the house or building.

Nimrod also offers engineering and planning services for the installation of closed and central systems for condominiums and high-rise buildings for: contractors, hospitals, hotels, public and educational institutions, and public housing.

In high-rise residential buildings when it is not possible to install a standard solar water heater as required from an architectural and aesthetic point of view or as a result of a large distance between the apartment and the roof of the building, a closed and central system is installed. The panels are installed on the roof of the building and are common to all the tenants, and the boilers are installed close to the consumption inside the apartments or in a boiler room.

A pump and a pipe system are installed between the panels and the boiler.

The pump feeds the hot water from the panels to the boiler in a closed pipe system. The water in the boiler heats up, and cold water flows back for heating in the panels.

These boilers are called heat exchanger boilers since there is a spiral-shaped heat exchanger inside the boiler. The water heated in the panels passes through the main pipes into the heat exchanger boiler that is located close to consumption and heats the water inside. These systems are called closed systems because there is no direct contact between the water flowing from the panel and the water in the boiler