How does an electric boiler work?

The electric boiler is built from an internal metal tank with sides coated with enamel. This coating prevents the formation of rust that reduces the amount of hot water and shortens the life of the boiler.

At the bottom of the tank there are cold water inlet pipes and hot water outlet pipes.

The inner container is inserted into a white-painted outer shell that is painted on both sides with oven-cured paint and is therefore durable for years.

High-quality polyurethane insulation is injected in the space created between the outer shell and the inner tank, which saves energy and effectively prevents heat loss from the water.

Each boiler has an electrical system built from a heating element and a thermostat.

The disadvantage of an electric water heater compared to a solar water heater is that the electric system sometimes accounts for a significant portion of the household’s electricity expenses. Hot water should be used wisely to save electricity and money.

Proper use of an electric boiler can avoid unnecessary expenses.

Recommendations for proper use of an electric boiler:

The electric boiler should be turned on as close as possible to the time the water is used. Each user should study his usage needs and determine the duration of the activation.

Use shower heads and faucet heads that allow increased water pressure, while reducing the amount of water flowing through them. This way you can save both water and electricity.
In winter, close the doors and windows in the bathroom when bathing, so that it does not get cold and you can make do with less hot water.

  • Turn off the tap while not using water during bathing.
  • Soap utensils, stack on the side, and then wash them in a batch.

Using hot water in the shower, bath, and when washing dishes or washing hands affects the amount of energy needed to heat the water in the boiler.

Excessive accumulation of limescale. If the time required to heat the water becomes longer, contact a licensed Nimrod installer to see if this is due to excessive accumulation of limescale.
Cleaning excessive build-up of scale from the boiler will reduce heating time—and save electricity.

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