Installation instructions for heat accelerator

Installation instructions for heat accelerator

Note: The heat accelerator should be installed in vertically installed boilers only!

1. Disconnect the electric current from the boiler on the main panel.

2. Disconnect the electrical wires from the inlet and outlet of the thermostat and remove the thermostat and the ground wire from the flange. – Operation to be performed by a qualified electrician.

3. Drain the water from the boiler as follows:

3.1. Turn off the main water valve.

3.2. Open the hot and cold water taps in one of the sinks or in the bath.

3.3. For solar water heaters installed on a standard roof,

3.3.1. Open the hot water outlet connections from the boiler, and the cold water inlet to the boiler and let the water out. Then open the six flange nuts and allow the rest of the water to come out.

3.4. In a boiler installed on a “light” roof (reinforced plaster or gypsum) Prepare a drain hose leading to where you want to drain the water, open the hot and cold water taps in one of the sinks or in the bath until no more water comes out. Then disassemble the cold water pipe in the boiler and the safety valve, and connect the drain pipe you prepared. When emptying water through the pipes, not all the water comes out (about 20 liters remain in the boiler) so a container should be prepared under the flange. Open the six flange nuts slightly, and allow the water to drip into the container. Prepare another container in advance in case the first one fills up.

Do not disassemble the flange before the water flow from the boiler has stopped.

4. Continue disassembling the flange nuts.

5. Clean any old gasket residue, and check that the flange is in good condition for reassembly.

Accelerator assembly: (See drawing)

a. Assemble the gasket on the wide side of the accelerator sleeve,  so that it is level with the end of the sleeve.

b. Attach the extensions as needed while pressing and rotating, then attach them to the accelerator sleeve.

c. Assembled accelerator

Accelerator installation: (See drawing)

6. The heat accelerator has 2 extension tubes. Assemble the required number of tubes, or none at all, depending on the internal height of the boiler. The internal height of the boiler should be measured using a straight stick that is inserted into the boiler until you feel that the stick has touched the top dome, Mark the line of the boiler’s bottom opening on the stick. Then at least 70 mm should be deducted from the upper end of the assembled pipes on the heat accelerator. If necessary, perform a cut to reach this dimension.

7. Make sure there is cathodic protection.

8. Insert the heat accelerator into the heating element plate and insert the entire plate (flange) into the boiler.

9. Close the flange nuts crosswise (do not tighten it too much).

10. Connect the pipes that were disconnected. Open one of the hot water taps in the house. Open the main water valve and the cold water inlet valve of the boiler. The hot water tap in the house should be open until the air bubbles exit and there is a “smooth” water flow.

11. Insert the thermostat into place, connect the two wires coming out of it to the heating element, connect the ground wire, and connect the phase and zero from the mains to the thermostat according to the signs on the thermostat. This section should be performed by a certified electrician.

Make sure the thermostat is set to a temperature in the 60-65°C range.