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Collectors – copper and schedule pipes

Nimrod has a large selection of solar collector panels.

Nimrod’s research and development teams have been able to develop these panels by using excellent raw materials and with the help of advanced technologies.

The panels have copper or galvanized iron pipes (Schedule 40).

The panels are built from a frame made of corrosion-resistant galvanized tin and a polypropylene back resistant to ultraviolet radiation with aluminum foil and polyurethane insulation that prevents heat loss and leads to maximum utilization of the energy absorbed by the panel.

Nimrod is one of the few companies in Israel that has a new computerized and very expensive production line for the production of solar panels.

The copper pipe and the corrosion-resistant aluminum heat absorption surface are fused by an automatic laser machine with no human contact. This high-tech manufacturing process is considered the most advanced such process worldwide. This technology ensures the efficiency and high heat output of the panel.

The advantage of welding in a laser machine is in transferring the extremely high heat from the panel board to the water in the copper pipes, leading to high efficiency of the  energy absorbed on the panel.

Nimrod’s iron collectors are made of galvanized seamless Schedule 40 pipes.

They are adapted to extreme climatic conditions (frost).

Schedule pipes have lifespans that are several times longer than ordinary pipes that are prone to rusting.

These pipes are fitted with unique attaching wings painted with a two-layer oven-cured paint that are used as absorption surfaces.

Each panel is protected by a high-transparency glass panel or a tempered solar glass panel that can withstand particularly harsh weather conditions such as strong winds and hail.

With Nimrod’s solar panels, it is possible to optimally adjust to the customer’s needs and requirements. Thanks to the selection of different panels, different models can be connected in order to adapt the system to the roof conditions, the desired heat output, and the customer’s financial capacity.

The panel and piping are tested at a pressure of 13 atmospheres to ensure tightness and strength.

The panels are tested at the Israel  Standards Institute’s laboratories to test the heat output of the panel and to maintain the quality of the product. All Nimrod panels carry a standard mark of the Israel Standards Institute, and have undergone strict tests of drinking water quality.

Nimrod is certified under the Water Quality Standard and the ISO 9001 Quality Management System standard.

Hundreds of thousands of water heating systems made by “Nimrod” that have been operating at full output for many years all over Israel are testimony to the great trust that the public has learned to place in the company’s products.

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