Nothing but Rust-Free Hot Water:
Enamel Coating
Nimrod solar and electric water heaters have an internal enamel coating that prevents corrosion and increases the life of the tank.

Nimrod is the only Israeli water heater manufacturer that uses enamel injection. We have invested approximately two million dollars in our
state-of-the-art enamel injection line. This new technology eliminates the need for welding after the application of the enamel coat, as is required when using vacuum enamel application, which creates cracks in the enamel coat and causes rust. At Nimrod, before we apply the enamel coating, we clean out the inside of the tank using metal blasting, and not acids that harm the tank's metal surface and pollute the environment.
After it has been applied, the enamel coat is baked in an oven at a temperature of 850°C.
Nimrod imports raw materials from production facilities in Western Europe that meet international standards for enamel coating, and not from Eastern European production facilities.

Nimrod tanks are the only ones in Israel that bear the Enamel Emblem, which ensures the finest in water heater tanks.
Nothing but Rust-Free Hot Water:
Seamless Steel Pipes and Cathodic Protection
Nimrod undertakes additional measures to prevent its water heater systems from rusting: The tank is equipped with Seamless steel pipes - that is, enamel-coated pipes that have no soldering seam. Seamless steel pipes last much, much longer than ordinary pipes, which are prone to rust. Furthermore, every Nimrod tank has cathodic protection: A special magnesium anode that also prevents the tank and its components from corroding.
Nothing but Rust-Free Hot Water:
Thick, Insulated Outer Casing
The tank is surrounded by an outer casing that has been coated inside and out with oven-baked paint designed to prevent rust and protect it from the harmful effects of weather conditions. Thus, the casing remains weather-resistant for years. In addition, the tank is encased with high quality injected polyurethane insulation that conserves energy and effectively prevents water heat loss. The tank's top and bottom caps are made of 4mm thick steel plates.
Therefore, Nimrod's tanks are more resistant, conserve water heat
longer, and save both heating time and energy.
The Israeli standard for water heaters is a stringent one; however, at Nimrod, we go beyond the minimum requirements.
Nothing but Rust-Free Hot Water:
Quicker and Safer
All Nimrod tanks installed in an upright position are equipped - as a standard option and at no extra cost - with both a heating element and a heat accelerator. This option provides a safe, quick and economical way of obtaining hot water fast.

Nimrod recommends that all its customers make sure that, during installation, the tank is equipped with a non-return safety valve. When there is a disruption of water supply in your home, this valve will prevent water from escaping from your tank and will thereby ensure that the heating element in the tank will not burn itself out.
Nothing but Rust-Free Hot Water:
Quality Down to the Last Detail
During all stages of the production process, Nimrod's quality control department carries out thorough testing. The tank and pipes are tested under a pressure level of 13 bar to ensure that they are properly sealed and that they are strong enough to operate under high pressure. The tank's electrical system is also tested to ensure that it provides trouble-free performance. All Nimrod tanks meet Israeli, Australian and Spanish standards, and bear the Israeli Enamel Emblem.
Each Nimrod tank has its own unique barcode sticker, which enables close supervision and monitoring for effective service. Nimrod's service department carries out all required maintenance jobs in a professional, meticulous manner. In other words, Nimrod does its best to ensure that its customers will have years and years of enjoyment from a fine product that is backed by impeccable service.
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