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Electric water heaters

Nimrod factories produce electric boilers for vertical, horizontal and hanging installation in a selection of sizes from 80 liters to 300 liters.

Nimrod’s durable high-quality water heaters are designed to withstand harsh climatic conditions and ensure a continuous supply of hot water 24 hours a day, summer and winter, while saving considerable electricity and maintenance costs.

Nimrod’s electric boilers are enamel coated. This coating prevents the formation of rust that reduces the amount of hot water and shortens the life of the water heater.

Nimrod’s factories are the only ones in Israel that use enamel injection technology.

This new technology eliminates the need to perform welding after the coating is finished, as is required with enamel coating using the vacuum method. These welds cause cracks in the enamel coating and rust.

At Nimrod, before the coating process begins, the interior of the boiler is cleaned with metal grains and not with acids that are harmful to the boiler’s metal and cause environmental pollution.

Nimrod produces the only boilers marked with the enamel emblem guaranteeing the best product for the customer.

All the boiler pipes are Schedule 40 solder-free pipes, and have all been coated with enamel. Schedule pipes have lifespans that are several times longer than ordinary pipes that are prone to rusting. In addition, each boiler also has cathodic protection, a special magnesium anode that also prevents the boiler and its components from corroding.

The boiler body is inserted into an outer shell painted on both sides with an oven-cured paint to prevent corrosion (rust) and to protect against weather damage, making it durable for years. High-quality polyurethane insulation is injected around the boiler body, which saves energy and effectively prevents heat loss from the water. The domes are made of 4 mm thick steel plates.

Therefore, Nimrod boilers are more durable, retain water heat for longer, and save unnecessary waiting and electricity. The Israeli standard for boilers is a mandatory official standard and yet, Nimrod factories exceed many of the requirements of the standard.

A heat accelerator is installed as an integral part of standing electric boilers.

Each Nimrod electric water heater contains a heating element with a standard mark, at no additional price, which provides a safe, fast, and cost-effective solution for fast heating of the water.

Nimrod factories recommend that all their customers make sure that a safety valve and a non-return valve are be installed during the boiler’s installation. This will prevent water from coming out of the boiler in the event of a water outage, thus preventing the heating element from burning out.

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